Link Older and younger drivers are more likely to drive older less expensive cars with fewer safety features. NSW Centre for Road Safety Philip Vassallo, 17, was killed in when his s blue Datsun was slammed at high speed by another car when we was out with a group of friends. Known as the “kid in the blue Datto”, his parents Joe and Colleen Vassallo started a road safety group Blue Datto to educate teens. Mr and Mrs Vassallo believe nothing would have saved Philip given the speed at which his car was hit. Although that’s sometimes not practical or possible,” Mr Vassallo said. At the end of the day we need to focus on teaching young drivers to make the safest possible decisions. That includes using a safe car, making smart decisions as a driver and being a responsible passenger. Electronic stability control ESC — only available in newer vehicles — halved the risk of having a single-vehicle crash risk and prevented loss of control which was more common among young drivers. The latest NSW research was consistent with national data showing drivers of older cars, made before , were four times more likely to die than those in a new car, said James Goodwin, the chief executive of the independent car safety ratings group ANCAP.

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Ads are being placed all the time, so remember to pop by every now and then to see whats new. If you’re looking to buy or sell bits and pieces for your Ford car, it might also be worth doing a search on eBay, see below for a sample of what’s on there today. On this page are all the adverts placed for classic Fords, grouping together ads that can be found on the existing individual Ford model pages. To view any of these ads in full, or place your own Ford advert, simply visit the specific model page that interests you.

On there you’ll find all the ads for that particular model only, and also the form to complete if you have something for sale, or there is something that you need for your car. Placing ads is free so why not post your own ad, simply go to any of the Ford pages below. All existing entries for older Fords are listed here, by model Headlight assemblies complete for restoration – Orange australia..

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By Kate Miller-Wilson Whether you’re looking for a classic car in need of restoration or an affordable model that’s already in good condition, the Internet can be a valuable shopping resource. Several websites specialize in cheap classic cars, and they may just have your dream car at a price that fits within your budget. Online Shopping It’s not always easy to find the classic car you want for a reasonable price, especially if the selection is limited in your area.

Shopping online provides a much greater range of options, allowing you to find the exact year, make, and model you want. You’ll also have more choices when it comes to condition and price. Consider some of the following websites as you shop: Dave’s Classic Cars With an extensive inventory of unrestored project cars from the s through the s, Dave’s Classic Cars offers plenty of options. They also provide financing through a layaway style system:

Old pedal racing car, s or earlier please. Contact details on this page , thanks. And other children’s ride-in cars. Children of all ages have scribbled the words “pedal” and “car” onto their Christmas wish-list since the year dot, or at least since full-sized cars began to appear regularly on the roads of Britain. What could be more exciting to a young lad or young lady than to be sat behind the wheel of their very own pedal car, guiding it swiftly around the living room, knocking vases and small animals out of the way without a care in the world?

It certainly sounds good fun to me, and I remember alternating between a blue Tri-ang pedal tractor at the local playgroup, and a red example back at home.

In many cases, a VIN or serial number may be located on vehicle’s plates or stickers, old insurance or registration cards, or repair records from a dealership. The identification or serial numbers of classic cars vary by maker, especially if the cars date back before the assignment of VINs.

View gallery These atmospheric photographs of Gateshead in the s were taken by Trevor Ermel, whose interest in documenting the area began as a teenager. They show a long-gone popular department store, a dramatic crash, a rail station which is no longer a station, and many smaller shops and businesses which will have been known and loved by people in Gateshead and beyond.

Now retired, Trevor, 64, said: I started taking pictures in the 60s when I was at school. I was interested in trains at the time. He used to collect old photos and postcards and go back and take the same view. Thanks to the camera club, when taking shots of buildings I used to wait until somebody or something went past. Later on, he used to give spare black and white prints to Gateshead libraries for their archive and now, having brought many of his old colour shots back to life with a scanner and computer, he is sharing those too.

He loves the bus queue scene with the striking 70s fashions. While another shot still shows the interest in trains which got Trevor started. Trains from Newcastle to Middlesbrough go that way but there is no station to stop at now. I think it had crashed at Beechwood Gardens and careered down the road, then hit the other car in the pictures and almost toppled over the bank.

Gateshead High Street in , looking south from the junction with Park Lane. Other products being advertised include ‘Black Cats’ and ‘No 6’ cigarettes.

The Radiometric Dating Game Radiometric dating methods estimate the age of rocks using calculations based on the decay rates of radioactive elements such as uranium, strontium, and potassium. On the surface, radiometric dating methods appear to give powerful support to the statement that life has existed on the earth for hundreds of millions, even billions, of years.

We are told that these methods are accurate to a few percent, and that there are many different methods.

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The s were Chicago’s first steel body cars, designed and built in anticipation of the system’s unification that began in October The first series of these cars, , were built between and and affectionately referred to as “baldies” because of their plain arched roofs the previous wooden cars had ventilator sash running the length of the roof.

The cars were stark and utilitarian, especially for the period, but resembled designs appearing in Boston, New York and Philadelphia. On December 29, , the Metropolitan, South Side and Northwestern Elevateds acting as the Chicago Elevated Railways Collateral Trust purchased 66 trailers, cars , from the Cincinnati Car Company with the option to install motors only one, , was so modified. These cars had wide sliding side doors at each end of the car, as well as a middle door.

The side doors were operated pneumatically within each car and the center door was controlled electrically, but the center doors were never regularly used though some crewmen disregarded orders and used them anyway. Concurrent with the order was a second order for 62 motor cars of the same general design. These cars, numbered , were identical to the trailers, except that they contained GE motors and Westinghouse controls.

On December 30, , the same three companies purchased an additional motor cars, numbered , identical to the previous motors except that the seats inside were reversible transverse seats instead of longitudinal seats along the sides. The cars were painted Pullman Green and lettered for the underlying companies.

History[ edit ] A development of hot rodding, the change in name corresponded to the change in the design of the cars being modified. The first hot rods were pre- World War II cars, with running boards and simple fenders over the wheels. Early model cars to were modified by removing the running boards and either removing the fenders entirely or replacing them with very light cycle fenders.

Later models usually had fender skirts installed. The “gow job” morphed into the hot rod in the early to middle s. Engine swaps were often done, with the objective of placing the most powerful engine in the lightest possible frame and body combination.

Others focus on a particular theme such as banks, fire-related toys, trains, cars or pull toys. Still other collectors are interested in how toys work and select them according to the type of operation of the toys: friction, spring, clockwork, etc.

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Old family photographs hold lots of clues for genealogy researchers. Use these tips to help date photographs and unlock the stories they tell.

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Jay Leno Talks Value of Old, Unrestored Cars