Does it matter if I hook it up at all? Most of the other transmissions used a mechanical linkage or cable to indicate wide-open-throttle WOT. This WOT trigger achieves two things: Above a certain speed, as determined by the governor, the transmission will not downshift from third to second or second to first gear. This is to protect the transmission from damage. Instead of a linkage or cable, the TH uses an electrical switch that is most often mounted on the carburetor.

Where does the vacuum line from the modulator valve go to on a Chevy pickup

With an aluminum case, the C4 is light in weight and efficient, comparable to the GM Powerglide as one of the least power-robbing automatic transmissions. There are two variants, however. Those in passenger cars have the dipstick in the case, while van, truck, and some fullsize car versions have the dipstick in the trans pan. Larger bellhousings accommodate a inch converter; an inch converter is found in the versions with the smaller bellhousing.

They are identical internally. A lockup converter version called the C5.

Hook up the vacuum line to the modulator If the original line can’t be bent to fit, go to a auto parts store and pick up a length of “bundy flex” brake line. Cut off the fittings at the end and then bend the line to fit.

Another Holley crap video. Let’s just show you hooking it up, not setting it. Figures Holley cant even do that right. I will stick with my edelbrock and demon carbs Can some one help Got a 92 Silverado with r4 Problem is that it kicks to 3ed in both overdrive and drive and then nun it start going high rpm and it like free spins or something no noise or anything just free spins Hoping I dont need a 3 -4 kit Can drive in 2ed gear Looking around and people saying it could be this Just seeing if some one else has had this problem as well Tips and pointers Peter Mayo: Beware they will send you one that looks like the one in the video except the stud is lower just above the bottom hole and is stamped with a letter H.

What this does is increase the stroke so you won’t get the correct pressure rise. The one in the video is correct. Holley doesn’t even know what they’re selling Stupid Man: The best tranny dating site is www. I have a th in my and it doesn’t have an electric kickdown for the carb. It has the vacuum thingy connected to the intake.

r4 Transmission Modulator

It removes the overlap and picks up Mopars approximately 0. Terry Earwood put it in the Super Stock black Hemi convertible of the Bowers Brothers and instantly went faster and more consistent. History was made that day as Turbo Action valve bodies, transmissions and converters were better than anything they had in their test vehicles! After many months of track testing the Turbo Hydro transmission became consistent with every shift and reliable.

Apr 06,  · The modulator probably has a little screw inside where the vacuum hose attaches, turn the screw in to raise the shift point. If this is not enough, B&M makes a governor kit for the TH trans, this kit has different weights and springs.

This switch has a wire going down to the transmission to a detent solenoid inside the transmission that caused the transmission to drop down a gear below 70 mph. We took off the QJet carb almost immediately after we bought the car, replacing it with a Holley carb. You can skip down to wiring part of this article. There you have several choices.

The instructions say you should reuse the TH kickdown cable bracket. We found a TH kickdown bracket for a small block Chevy that was lying in our spare parts bin. Assemble the switch, spring, cable, and carb linkage as shown in the picture. Wiring the switch is really simple. One wire needs to be hot when the ignition is in the on position.

We used this wire with a plug that was just dangling there unused. We even had a wire with the matching plug in our wiring supply box that plugged right in.

Shifting Problems: Transmission Problem V8 Four Wheel Drive

Hot Rods TH with a Chevy I may need to move it or buy something else. I will also post pics later. I will hook up the kick down cable and vacuum line, as well as buying a cooler. Royal50, Oct 4,

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TH Posted 23 January – The thing with idle screw – I can make it idle more or less steady at about rpm which is way too high, if I switch into drive TH it goes bang, makes hard to operate the car and its just wrong. Idle at could be doable but then as soon as I select drive it almost stalls and sometimes actually stalls. The idle mixture screws – if I turn them all the way in it will start to sputter so it makes it lean, if I screw back like 5 or 6 turns I did not count really but alot of turns then again it will start to decrease RPMs and obviosuly goes too rich, but anything in the middle seems to make no difference.

Its not like half a turn in one direction or another would make any difference at all. And exactly the same thing was with Edelbrock carb, which I thought is broken. So thought I will be smart and adjust the idle screws by vacuum gauge, but look at that vacuum gauge – it does not make any sense! I am thinking maybe the engine is so worn that it just cant idle anymore.

But then it does not smoke at all, not burning oil..

TH Rebuild Questions

GM used the TH in their vehicles starting in and was found in almost all rear-wheel drive GM vehicles through If you have a GM car that falls within these model years, there is a good chance you have a TH With a few easy steps, you can identify whether your car has a TH transmission or not. Place wheel chocks around the back tires to secure the vehicle from movement.

Raise the vehicle using your jack. Place the jack stands securely under the frame rails and lower the vehicle onto the stands.

The vacuum pump must be reinstalled and pumped up to 20 inches of vacuum to witness the change in pressure created by turning the screw in the modulator. Continue this .

C3 Corvette Restoration Guide During third-generation Corvette production, a variety of transmissions were offered. They include 3-speed manual, 4-speed manual, 3-speed automatic, and 4-speed automatic. In , the base price of a Corvette included a 3-speed Saginaw manual transmission. The options for that year included a Muncie 4-speed wide- or close-ratio manual transmission and an M40 automatic transmission.

If an automatic was ordered, small-blocks were fitted with the T and big-blocks came with the T For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link: You can use the social sharing buttons to the left, or copy and paste the website link: Rebuilding an automatic transmission requires a lot of skill and patience.

TH replacing Powerglide

It can lift the unit slowly and then support the weight for hours while you get everything lined up and move other items out of your way. For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link: Please feel free to share this article on Facebook, in Forums, or with any Clubs you participate in.

Dec 06,  · Look for the vacuum modulator. It will be on the side of the transmission and have a rubber vacuum line attached to it. If this fitting is on the right front of the transmission, you have a TH

Thanks for the info. I just bought the and talked the owner to throw in a trans for free. I did some reading and will go with the That is good. You would need to have the case machined for the speedo cable it fit in the case. They say you can use a TF flex and have it drilled for the TH converter. Spacer is harder to come by.

Vacuum Lines Connection