The purpose is to compile information on vintage safety razors, identification, stats and photos for the safety razor collector. Will be working on Gillette razors and others from my store stock and also recently sold items that I still have photos etc. The actual layout on this is still just a thought in the planning stage, so bear with me. In no way is this complete list. See ya, Country Joe Gillette Razors: This particular razor hadserial no. B which dates it to

Guest Post: History of the Shaving Razor

Share shares Working with optical engineer Paul Binun, the pair recently identified a particular particle in hair that can be broken using certain wavelengths of light. In particular, these particles absorb and reflect wavelengths of light, and the type of wavelengths they reflect determine the colour. The experts at Skarp Technologies found a chromophore that is present in everyone’s hair – regardless of colour – and discovered which wavelengths of light it is affected by.

Gillette Date Codes were used from January until They are found in the top left and right corners on the underside of razor guards, both 3 peice and 1 piece models. They are found in the top left and right corners on the underside of razor guards, both 3 peice and 1 piece models.

Dorco By Jonathan Wells Hence the fashionable joke at the time that the first blade on the Mach3 cut through your hair, the second your skin, and the third went for the jugular. Since then, the industry has been through something of a cold war, upping the number of blades on a cartridge to four and then five. While it rested there for a couple of years, with attention turning to ‘contouring’ in the shape of Gillette’s FlexBall and Wilkinson Sword’s ‘Xtreme’ bendable blades, a Korean company is again threatening to press the big red razor blade button.

Two blades good, three blades better: The Gillette Sensor Excel top and Mach3 bottom Dorco’s ‘Pace 7’ razor launches this week in America, and boasts three-and-a-half times the shaving ability of your average Bic disposable.

The Evolution of the Safety Razor

They produce the best blades on the market Make on-demand purchases via mobile or online Great customer service Not all blade models are available Pricier than other razor box services Unattractive packaging What Is Gillette On Demand? No refilling of your virtual cart. No re-entering payment information. No back and forth customer service.

Feb 16,  · Gillette unveils a new weapon in the shaving Cold War With sales of disposable blades in decline for the first time in a century – thanks to the rise of the beard – will this double-pivot razor be.

Guest Contributor August 19, Last updated: What do you do to bring it back to looking the way it did when Grandpa unwrapped it on Christmas morning? To answer that question, I asked the vintage shaving experts at RazorEmporium. The classic style of shaving is back. There are even a few manufacturers today still making vintage style safety razors: While these modern manufacturers exist, many men are discovering the fun of using a vintage razor made decades ago.

Your uncle, father, or grandfather may have old razors from days gone by that have been hidden away in a bathroom cabinet, just waiting to be rediscovered. You may have thought that antique stores were only for old Chinaware or furniture, but they can very well be a treasure-trove for vintage shaving gear. When checking out an antique store, look for the display cases with other manly items such as belts, ties, eye-glasses, flasks, pipes, cuff-links, etc. These are usually great places to find a vintage razor just waiting to be put back in service.

Also be sure to ask one of the antique dealers if they have any shaving items, as there are often razors tucked away somewhere in the store.

Vintage Gillette Safety Razors Double Edge Razors DE Razors

The great innovation of this new model was the “Twist to Open”, or TTO design, which made blade changing much easier than it had been previously, wherein the razor head had to be detached from the handle. This was updated in , with different versions being produced to shave more closely—the degree of closeness being marked by the color of the handle tip. In , the first “adjustable” razor was produced. This allowed for an adjustment of the blade to increase the closeness of the shave.

The model, in various versions, remained in production until The Super Speed razor was again redesigned in and given a black resin coated metal handle.

High tech beauty gadgets doesn’t always mean microchips and it doesn’t always mean expensive. That’s what we found when we tested out Gillette’s new Venus Swirl razor.

This is a clinically-proven razor designed for sensitive skin, and features new SkinGuard technology between the blades. This innovative razor uses SkinGuard technology positioned between two optimally-spaced blades to gently smooth and flatten the skin away from the razor blades during the shave. This ensures that hairs get trimmed at the surface level, with reduced tug and pull, while guarding sensitive skin from irritation.

The SkinGuard technology also absorbs the weight from the hand so blades press less on sensitive skin. Similar to Fusion ProShield, SkinGuard also has lubrication before and after the blades to minimize friction during the shave. While use of a consistent shaving regimen, lubrication and advanced blade coatings offered on existing Gillette razors can ease the problem of irritation for many men, some guys still feel the burn. Gillette SkinGuard is specially-designed for these men.

However, groundbreaking clinical research shows that using Gillette SkinGuard significantly decreases the visual and sensory symptoms of sensitive skin. I am excited to share with my patients this new razor that has been engineered and clinically proven for men who have sensitive skin.

Gillette Aristocrat Safety Razor in MINT Condition w Box

History of the Razor Ancient Razors Scientists have proven that shaving and razors date as far back as to the days of the cavemen. Archeologists have found caves with pictures of crudely drawn men with very short beards, and other men that were beardless. Early razors made of horn, flint or stone with bone handles have been excavated from these caves and scientifically carbon tested.

The results of the tests date these early razors as being from the Neolithic Period. The ancient razors from the Late Stone Age slowly evolved, and by B.

Gillette Travel Razor with Red Plastic Case. Wings Antiques. $19 USD SALE OFFER. Art and Found in America. Wade and Butcher Celluloid Handle Vintage Straight Razor Sheffield, England. Vintage Razor Blades – Enderes Razor Blades and Unopened .

Nobody paid me so its percent my opinion and experience. Oh, and this will be long. Which is what she said. Then slowly and surely, my hair began its descent into Black history. We do bald heads, but this happened when I was in my early 20s. But as the old saying goes, hair today, gone tomorrow! People think that being bald is just one of those simple things, like you just snap your fingers then do a step — to be clear, you can do it all by yourself — that you just shave your head and keep it moving.

Finding the right razor is the difference between having a clean shaven head and having significant to severe razor bumpage. These are the jokes. The bald headed man razor struggle. An ex girlfriend randomly called me up once, not for chit chat or some sort of reconciliation…nope.

Dating GEM Razors ~

WhatsApp A good, sturdy, sharp, yet safe razor makes all the difference between a nice, even, and smooth shave and razor burn or cuts. You should not use cheaply made, dull razors. We will review in this article some of the best safety razors on the market. What Is A Safety Razor? They evolved from the straight razor and they function like a mix of the two.

Dating Gillette Razors and Blades: ‘How old is this razor?’ It can be difficult to figure out. Sometimes patent dates are a help, but they give you the front end of the date scale, and not always too exactly.

The Don Draper haircut is maybe the most defining feature of Hamm’s character, short on the sides, slightly longer on top. When he enters the room, prepped and ready for a pitch meeting, his hair is slick and perfect. The one and only option is pomade. The haircut is important, sure, but the pomade is what makes it iconic. Grant’s pomade comes in three different levels of hold and shine. The Original Pomade is most like the Don Draper slick-back, but the Medium Blend and Matte Dressing are also good options depending on the level of hold you want in your hair.

For the Don Draper effect, dip your finger in and place a small ball of the pomade into your hand about as wide as a nickel and rub your hands together. Then work it throughout the hair focusing on the bangs and where your hair parts. After it’s properly applied throughout your hair, it’s all about the comb technique. Slick back the hair on the sides above your ears, and then follow your part across the top of your head a few strokes to get everything in line , and then bring your bangs back and to the side opposite of your part.

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Some are lucky and this fine hair is barely noticeable or virtually non-existent, but others may have naturally furrier faces and, according to the NHS, up to three-quarters of women have increased facial hair as they get older, especially after the menopause. Hormonal imbalances and conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome can also stimulate increased facial hair growth, though much of it can be down to the lottery of your genes.

As well as slicing off this fine hair, shaving removes the top layer of dead skin cells, so it is exfoliating. Dr Michael Prager, an aesthetic clinician who has a practice in London, says:

US Gillette Dating Information This page documents what we know about Gillette safety razor serial numbers and date codes. Razors made in USA often left the factory with serial numbers or date codes, which can be used to establish their manufacturing dates.

My Year-Long Experiment With Using an Electric Razor The Art of Manliness has introduced thousands of men to the joys and pleasures of traditional wet shaving with a safety razor or straight razor. I get emails and letters every month from readers thanking me for turning them on to the idea of shaving like their grandpas did. The last time I had shaved with an electric razor was when I was 16 years old. That was almost 15 years ago. I remember the shave from my electric razor being poor and extremely uncomfortable.

Shaving with it was akin to holding a small rodent to my face and letting it chew off my stubble. Terrible razor burn particularly on my neck was the typical result. But last year, after shaving with a safety razor for nearly a decade, I started wondering if electric razors had gotten any better. One of the big selling points of electric shaving is the convenience factor:

Razor Blade Refills

I have about eight of these sets, mostly complete, but some incomplete – used for parts. A lot of what I’m saying here is based on my own experience, and it may not be exactly what other users think or experience. It is a safety razor that is based on a segment of a wedge straight razor, that’s fitted with a safety bar and is held by a handle. There were several of these adaptations of straight razors to safeties that came into the market in response to Gillette’s invention of the safety razor.

The Rolls Razor differed from the others in that it came in a case designed to allow a user to touch-up and strop the blade within the case itself.

Mar 08,  · In The Gillette Razor Company ran its first group ads. I will publish others in subsequent blogs, but here it a Christmas one. The Company made it first real money supplying shaving kits to the soldiers and in World War I.

Fashion and style A close shave: Is shaving the manly way really worth the hassle? After just a couple of passes they clog up, resembling a letter box stuffed full of twigs, leaving my face red and raw. The kind of old school apparatus that could cope with the bristles of a cowboy after a month long cattle drive. Like all real men, I recently realised, I need to shave with a straight razor.

A Shavette looks and handles like a regular straight razor, but takes its edge from regular disposable blades, which clip into the steel head and can be replaced whenever you please. While there is no more authentically manly act than shaving with a straight razor, the downside is that the straight razor also turns the most repetitious act of grooming of all — the wet shave — into a chess-match with death. One false move, one jolt or twitch of your wrist and you get horribly, badly hurt.

Like a martial arts trainee, the straight razor pupil must expect to suffer. My first attempt was a shocker, even after watching the requisite instructional videos on You Tube. I list the following set of instructions, which were all paid for in blood:

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